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Asset Management


East End aggressively approaches asset management, leasing, building operations, and capital improvement programs. There is always an identified and executable plan of action. Physical and operational improvements are prioritized to reposition properties quickly, drive leasing, and achieve higher stabilized cash flows.  All assets are managed in-house with an unwavering focus on responsive and cost-effective service.  Resources are deployed to generate favorable attention from the brokerage community and attract and retain tenants on the most favorable terms.  Expenses are consistently evaluated and reduced.  The “hands-on” approach leverages the firm's experience owning and operating millions of square feet of property and regularly executing capital intensive business plans.  East End’s management agenda is to generate outperformance over the baseline.


Trust is the essential ingredient of all successful relationships.  Clear governance and unyielding transparency allow all of our partners - whether they are equity investors or lenders - to appreciate the performance of their investment real-time.  Aside from open communications, East End provides comprehensive quarterly reports, audited annual reports, and direct cloud-based access to all partner documentation.