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East End targets areas first and properties second.  Ideas for a micro-market are typically generated through the team’s personal experiences and insights.  Once a market thesis gathers traction, deep data mining and objective analysis govern.  An area is analyzed largely through the lens of historical growth, employment data, population changes, crime statistics, median incomes, supply and demand characteristics, rents, past and repeat sales figures, and earmarked capital investment into infrastructure.  Potential properties to target are identified by analyzing location, size, vacancy factor, rollover, physical traits, debt maturity, and quality of ownership.  The process yields East End’s field of opportunity.


East End has extensive and well-established sourcing ability.  The firm both proactively and selectively canvasses within its identified micro-markets, and obtains leads from long-standing industry contacts and strategic partners.  East End’s direct asset and property management activities are often responsible for highlighting opportunities.  Marketed transactions, but more frequently off-market ones, populate East End’s pipeline. 


The East End team has decades of prior experience in law, finance, architecture, investment management, asset management, cost analysis, construction management, property management, portfolio accounting, and traditional financial underwriting.  The wide array of in-house skill sets allows East End to transact quickly and with confidence. By integrating the investment and operating teams, real-time and accurate leasing, sales and construction cost data is efficiently reflected in all underwriting. Complexity is frequently an ally.