More Than a Name Change For Iconic Miami Building
10.31.2018 |

More Than a Name Change For Iconic Miami Building

MIAMI–When a building’s an icon, it’s definitely been around for a while. So how do you remodel it for today’s tenants?

“Exactly what we did at 100 Biscayne — upgrade common areas (exteriors, lobbies, hallways and bathrooms), add amenities (gym, shared conference facilities and breakout areas, provide high-speed wi-fi) and improved parking,” said Jonathon Yormak, founder and managing principal, East End Capital, tells

He was referring to the $10 million modern makeover by East End of downtown’s iconic office building formerly known as the New World Tower, recently rebranded as 100 Biscayne.

The changes in the 30-story building at 100 Biscayne in downtown in proximity to the waterfront took place over a one-year period. Upgrades included a new streetscape façade, renewed corridors and amenity spaces, and a 35-foot digital wall. Also added: art and high-quality design, Yormak says.

Expansive renovations were completed throughout the exterior and interior of the building. Zyscovich Architects, a tenant at 100 Biscayne, designed the streetscape façade which features new storefronts, stone along the entry way and updated signage.

Tenant-Friendly Design Features Upgrade An Icon

The 35-foot LED video wall with custom art greets guests and tenants upon arrival. There’s also a new access control system that includes turnstiles at the entrance to the elevator lobby.

Interior renovations include new common corridors and bathrooms, a complete window tinting replacement, and addition of multi-purpose amenity space that incorporates a lounge and conference area with two conference rooms. Tenants also find a fitness center with a yoga studio and changing rooms that contain showers. Enhanced technology features bolster the tenant experience.

“Tenants are looking for greater efficiency, increased communal common areas, more amenitized and technology-infused work spaces,” says Yormak.

Typical of tenant-friendly features: a parking service application that allows them to be notified via text messages about car retrieval, reducing wait times.